Inspect What You Expect

Inspecting rough-ins at one of my current projects.

“Rough-ins” refers to the electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC components that are installed behind the sheet rock.  Although not visible, they’re a critical part of the infrastructure of a building.

My general contractor is a pro and his work top notch.  He knows I have only one standard- excellence- and that we always strive to improve each project in terms of design, build quality and cost control.

However, achieving that standard and continually improving with each project requires me, as the developer, to set the expectations, pay close attention to implementation and inspect what I expect.

When you set a standard that you expect others to meet, then you must inspect what you expect- and do so frequently so you can make course corrections early.  It does not, however, mean micro-managing.  Hire competent people and let them do their job the best way they know how.  If you have to micro-manage them, you’ve hired the wrong person.

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