Nyle Mameesh

Real Estate Developer &
Fund Manager

Nyle Mameesh helps high net worth individuals diversify overly concentrated and volatile stock portfolios into his stable, high yield, tax advantaged and socially responsible real estate investments in the San Francisco Bay Area and Puerto Rico.

Since 2009, Nyle Mameesh and his investors have successfully developed well over $100 million of real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area, Puerto Rico and internationally ranging from single family homes to ultra-luxury homes selling for over $10 million, as well as hotels and mixed use commercial property.

Prior to real estate, Nyle was a high tech entrepreneur and investor having helped build VeriSign, Inc. from a small start-up to a 3,000 person global powerhouse in just a few short years.

Nyle received his degree in Economics from the University of California, Davis and has been a licensed real estate broker since 2004.

Recent changes is various federal and state tax laws have created an unprecedented opportunity for high net worth investors with large capital gains in concentrated stock portfolios to diversify all or part of their holdings into stable, high yielding, significantly tax advantaged and socially progressive real estate investments.

Through Nyle's investment funds, investors are able to sell all or part of their concentrated stock portfolios, pay, invest the proceeds into high yield and socially responsible real estate investments and pay no tax on the capital gains.

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